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Je t'aime à La Folie | Wright Writing


Je t’aime à La Folie

Published 2011 by Bantam.  ISBN: 0553819380

How do you find the woman of your dreams, when you are almost 40, living in the middle of nowhere, and spectacularly ungifted in the art of seduction? Three years into his solo adventure in rural France, attempting to turn himself from a soft townie into a rugged peasant, Michael Wright has everything he ever wanted: a ramshackle house on a scraggy hillside; several manly powertools; a cat, a grand piano and a vintage aircraft. But the lovelier his world becomes, the lonelier it becomes, too. And three unfulfilled wishes from his childhood begin to haunt him. He wants to grow just one, perfect potato. He wants to know how it feels to fly a Spitfire. And, more than anything, he wants to meet his perfect soul-mate.

Written with the same honesty, self-deprecating wit and life-affirming passion as his bestselling C’est La Folie, this new book reveals how, while his sheep and chickens are bent on reproduction, a solitary man learns to accept his singledom…only for a magic alligator, a bumptious American labrador and the challenge of landing a light aircraft to offer a glimpse of transatlantic romance that threatens to turn his whole world upside down.


“Even better than his first… the same scrupulous honesty, humour and self-deprecation, but with an added vital ingredient” (DAILY TELEGRAPH)

“Wright wins over a begrudging reader, with writerliness and wit: his bickering hens, his beligerent cat and the emotions that this vast, lonely landscape elicits, described with a heartfelt exuberance” (INDEPENDENT)