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The Cat | Wright Writing

The Cat

MW and Cat at La Folie

The author and Cat at La Folie

“Night after night, the cat and I sit outside on the terrace, gazing at the long shadows across the valley. I sip a glass of Sauvignon from a five-litre box that should last me a fortnight but probably won’t, and wonder if she remembers London.

All those cranky neighbourhood cats she used to flirt with; the stream of human visitors to the house in East Dulwich; the sounds of revving engines and police sirens and hip-hop. It all seems so far away from here, where the only sounds are the whirring of a billion crickets, the shrieking of the owls and – every so often – the drowsy hum of a bourdon buzzing home from the wisteria.”

C’est La Folie, p352

Cat in the sky