The Adventure

Sunrise through trees at La Folie

Sunrise at La Folie

“I’m still not entirely sure why I chose France for this adventure, rather than Spain or Chad or Patagonia…

I am not running away. I happen to think that England is a very good place to live, if one happens to like Marmite and hard cheese. But my London life is uncomfortably comfortable, and I need to create some proper problems for myself. I have had enough of living in a hamster’s sawdust-lined cage.

I want a true adventure, instead of endlessly trying to gallop somewhere – anywhere – on my little plastic wheel.

I want to have sheep and chickens and manly powertools, and to make friends in a foreign language.

I want to watch the seasons passing, and to learn about things that matter, by looking and watching and digging my hands into the dirt.

I want to become the man I always hoped to be, before life got in the way.

Abroad. Alone.”

C’est La Folie, p18