La Folie is the house in rural France where Michael Wright lives and works

La Folie through trees

“The drive rises through a cathedral of trees, with great pillars of chestnut and oak. A soft glow suffuses the car, as the sun filters through the natural fan vaulting above us. On either side, strobing beyond the wooded curtain, I catch snapshot glimpses of bright open fields dotted with grazing sheep.

Onwards and upwards we glide, up this track which feels as if only the trees are stopping it from sliding down the hill…

And there, at the top, is a ramshackle house, with bright-blue windows in all the wrong places, and a foreboding pair of zinc-covered barn doors, and a garden so overgrown you could hide tanks in it, dominated by a lone pine as tall as a skyrocket. And it is perfect.”

C’est La Folie, p29

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